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The Global Network on Local Governance seeks to strengthen local democracy by providing an informal forum for discussion at regional and global levels, politically empowering disadvantaged groups, and promoting accountable, participative, transparent, and efficient local governments. The network includes elected local government representatives, officials, experts, concerned citizens, research institutions and locally-oriented NGOs. Based on discussions held at the World Movement for Democracy's Second Assembly in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Third Assembly in Durban, South Africa, this network seeks to develop and promote a sound understanding of local democracy at the regional and global levels and to facilitate means of sharing knowledge and experiences. GNLG is intended to provide a meaningful global interface for elected local government institutions.


Panchayati Raj  
Current Events
Functional Workshop on GNLG 2020
The Global Network on Local Governance (GNLG) is organizing a Functional Workshop on April 13, 2010 titled “Global Network on Local Governance
Second IBSA-LGF Meeting in Curitiba
The second meeting of India Brazil South Africa Local Governance Forum (IBSA-LGF) was held in Curitiba, Brazil on March 13, 2010 on the sidelines of the International Conference of Innovative Cities (IC-IC 2010).
National Council Meeting of Association of Local Governance of India (ALGI) 29 March 2010
ALGI president, Shri Abdul Gani Khan welcomed the participants and gave an outline of the progress made by ALGI since the last meeting.
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